to go outside or not to go outside. this is the view from my bed rn

blogging game still on hold. recently moved into a new house w no internet and internet companies eat ass so we won’t have no access till the 21st. peace and love.

getting life in check list

  • pay off mum  ✓
  • pay off aunty
  • find flat  ✓
  • accumulate funds for bond and rent in advance
  • start searching for job  ✓
  • find full time job
  • start exercising  ✓
  • reach weight goal

♫ wooooooah we’re halfway theeeeere 

feeling like you’re growing more dissatisfied and failing to take as much pleasure in things you used to as you grow older kinda sucks huh. I could just be telling myself that and i surely hope i am but who knows. forreal wishing i was a naive 16 year old getting into entry level philosophy and drug culture for the first time again 

if i’m left alone in your house or even if you’re there in the vicinity please don’t ever expect me to answer the fucking phone

lost feat. #docmartens
Circular selfie
i’m in your area